Clothing Drive for Patients at U.M.C.

Grand Lodge of Nevada GenNews

For this Masonic year, Oasis Lodge #41 of Las Vegas, NV, is holding a clothing drive for patients discharged from University Medical Center (UMC). The clothing donated to UMC is provided to those patients who do not have the means to clothe themselves when discharged from the hospital.

When a patient’s life is on the line, doctors and nurses act quickly and efficiently to treat serious injuries. A patient’s clothing is not a priority when injuries are life threatening and are destroyed in life saving efforts. Clothing is cut off to allow medical staff to address the patient’s condition and treat any injuries. When discharged, some patients do not have a change of clothes to wear when leaving the hospital. This can include tourists and visitors without access to clothing/finances or the less fortunate who cannot afford new clothes or only had the clothes they were wearing when admitted to the hospital. UMC, as the county public hospital, sees a high volume of patients and is always in need of clothing to provide to those in need.

WM & JW at UMC

The brothers of Oasis Lodge #41 are collecting clothes throughout the year to offer relief and charity to those who are already faced with great troubles. W. Bro. Jon Cambangay, Master, and Bro. Brian Thomas, Junior Warden, are seen above with the first delivery of three large boxes of clothes donated by members of Oasis Lodge #41. The drive will continue throughout the year, as the need is continuous. If you or another is interested in contributing to the drive, please bring your donation to an Oasis #41 meeting (7pm mondays at the MMT in Las Vegas) or email the W.M. at

As Entered Apprentices, Freemasons are caused to reflect upon the symbol of Jacob’s ladder, the principal rounds of which are Faith, Hope, and Charity. While each of these principles are important to each Mason on his personal journey through life, Charity is regarded as the greatest: while faith is lost in sight and hope is ends in fruition, charity transcends mortality and extends beyond our lives.

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