Free & Accepted Masons of Nevada

Welcome to the new Grand Lodge of Nevada

Grand Lodge Masonic Membership Manager

sponsored by a generous grant from the Brothers of Vegas Lodge #32

New Membership System Access


  • Constituent Lodge Secretaries
  • "Technical support brothers" designated by Secretaries for assistance.
  • Grand Lodge Officers

The system is NEW and will take a few months to be refined.  Please be patient as we make this transition.

*Nevada Login Link* (Click Here)

To create an account (FIRST TIME ONLY):

  1. Go to this link: Nevada Grandview Registration Page
  2. Enter the information carefully:
    1. Lodge Number:
      Enter home/primary NEVADA lodge number only.  ONLY numeric characters (i.e. "1", "4", "32", "58", etc.).
    2. Member ID:
      Must be obtained through Lodge Secretary (once system is live).  Secretaries & GLOs contact the Grand WebMason.  This is to verify your membership with the Grand Lodge.  The number is random and assigned by the system.
    3. Last Name:
      Enter last name (CASE SENSITIVE).  Most names are capitalized in the common fashion.  If your last name has multiple capitals or names, you may have to try other combinations of capitals (i.e. "Mcc" versus "McC" or only last-most name).
    4. Hit "Check Membership Status"
  3. If successful in verifying membership, it will prompt you for an email and password set-up.
    1. Email:
      Please use a personal email that you would like the Grand Lodge to use as contact to you.  DO NOT use a lodge email as "Secretary" status is granted in the system (i.e. chose an email that will stay with you, not your position.)
    2. Password / Check Password:
      Chose a password of AT LEAST 8 characters.  No other complications are required, but a complex password is recommended (as always).
  4. Future visits will be through standard login portal.  Please inform the Grand WebMason or Grand Secretary if you require Lodge level access (Secretaries, etc.).


Questions should be directed as follows:

  • Code & Masonic Law questions should be directed to the Grand Secretary.
  • Basic system help can be found (once logged-in) under the Help Desk tab.
  • Access code (for above list) and system suggestions/corrections, problems not found in Help Desk to the Grand WebMason.
  • Webinar training can be scheduled at Grand View Systems.