Guardian Lodge #53

Fallon, NV

Chartered: December 29, 1979

Guardian Lodge #53, F. & A.M.
39 W Center St
Fallon, NV 89406

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1053
Fallon, NV 89407-1053

Stated Meeting: Second Saturday 1:00pm​​
(Dark July & August)

Worshipful Master: Reiner S. Tumarng, P.M.
Secretary: Jay V. Orolfo, P.M.


History of Guardian Lodge #53

This is a brief history of the founding of Guardian Lodge #53, F. & A.M. in Fallon Nevada, based from the literature of one of the founders, MWBro Ron Briggs, PGM.

The initial conception leading to the establishment of this Worshipful Lodge was expressed during a January night of 1979, during a Masonic meeting where Bro. James A. Wilson and WBro. W. Ronald Briggs, both U.S. Navy retired, were casually discussing Masonry in general. Somewhere in their conversation they discovered that both of them recognize a need for a closer relationship with sojourning Masonic brethren stationed at the Naval Air Station at Fallon. Their unique transient status and unpredictable working hours make it difficult for these brethren to attend Lodge and participate in Masonic activities. Creating a closer relationship with these brethren would enable more participation to enjoy fraternal fellowship, while promoting Masonry in the military community.

Subsequent conversations on this matter, Bro. Wilson and WBro Briggs eventually conceived an idea to research and investigate the propriety, necessary requirements, and possibility of establishing a new Masonic Lodge, primarily a “Military” Lodge to serve both active duty personnel and veterans residing in Fallon. They then contacted WBro. Lloyd Brewer, PM of Douglas Lodge # 12 to discuss the idea sought his wisdom concerning the proposal. WBro. Brewer was very receptive, pledged his support and recommended to contact as many military and veteran brethren for a meeting.

On April 29, 1979, an evening meeting was held at WBro. Briggs’ house to discuss the prospect of forming a new Masonic Lodge in Fallon. In attendance were Brothers James A. Wilson, James M. Hill, Robert W. Stewart, Lloyd A. Brewer, William M. Atkinson, David A. Richeson and W. Ronald Briggs, all Master Masons in good standing. After the idea was presented, discussed and debated, it was unanimously agreed that they should push though and contact the Grand Master to seek his wisdom and consent.

On May 16, 1979, MWBro. Lawrence F. Gafney, Grand Master of Nevada, graciously endorsed the proposal on May 16, 1979 and gave detailed explanation and instructions necessary to obtain a dispensation to form a new Masonic Lodge in his Jurisdiction.

Subsequent meeting was then held by the prospective members to discuss in details the requirements and proposed executions of the process. The meeting place was identified, which based from investigations and research, the Elk’s Lodge room was the best and most economically sound location. The second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm was also agreed upon to be the date and time of Stated Meetings. Initiatory fees for the three degrees was decided to be Two Hundred and Fifty dollars, with the Annual Dues to be no more than Fifty dollars, as determined by the Lodge Trustees and voted in open Lodge. Additionally, upon receipt of the Charter, each Chartered Member will contribute Twenty Five dollars to the Lodge’s “General Fund” for initial operating capital. It was also resolved that such proposal be presented for approval before Churchill Lodge #26, the first Masonic Lodge at Fallon, as required by the Nevada Masonic Code.

On August 05, led by Grand Master Lawrence Gafney, his corps of Grand Lodge Officers, masons from every area of Nevada gathered in Fallon for a new Masonic Lodge Institution Ceremony. Most Worshipful Gafney convened a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons. The new Lodge is named “Guardian Lodge, U.D. (Under Dispensation)” and the original officers installed to serve Guardian Lodge U.D. were: WM – W. Ronald Briggs, PM; SW – Michael F. Keesling; JW – Richard L. Dooley, PM; Treasurer- William M. Atkinson; Secretary – Lloyd A. Brewer, PM; SD – James A. Wilson; JD – James M. Hill; Tyler: Robert W. Stewart; Trustees – William O. Hendrix, James M. Hill, and Robert W. Stewart.

With the first milestone achieved, another came into fruition as Brother Michael Baumgarden became the Lodge’s first “new” member by being raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason on October 29, 1979.

Finally, at the following Annual Grand Lodge Communication, having all requirements completed, the Charter for Guardian Lodge #53 was signed by the newly installed Grand Master, Most Worshipful Clarence K. Jones on November 12, 1979. On a ceremony conducted on December 29, 1979, Most Worshipful Jones, assisted by his Grand Lodge Officers, dedicated and chartered Guardian Lodge No. 53. The Grand Master also installed the twelve officers composed of W. Ronald Brigss, WM; Emil Weiss, SW; Richard Dooley, JW; William Atkinson, Treasurer; Lloyd Brewer, Secretary; James Hill, Junior Deacon; Gerald Ivey, SS; George Willingham, JS; Lester Lave, Marshall; Robert Stewart, Tyler; Robert Rose and David Richeson, Trustees.


The Worshipful Lodge of Guardian Lodge No. 53 has produced these distinguished Worthy Brothers:

MWBro W. Ronald Briggs – Grand Master, Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of F. & A.M. of Nevada (1989)

WBro John C. Singleton – Junior Grand Deacon, Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of F. & A.M. of Nevada and Deputy Grand Commander, Knight Templar (2011)

Notable Events:

Largest Visiting Brethren Recorded – Recorded highest number of visitors from various constituent Lodges of the jurisdictions: Most Worshipful Grand Lodges of the Philippines, Colorado, Washington, Alabama, and California on April 4, 2011. Visiting brethren were assigned to U.S. Navy units conducting training operations at the U.S. Naval Air Station, Fallon, NV.

Father and Son – WBro Jay D. Orolfo and Bro Jiemmy F. Orolfo became the first father-and-son to be brothers in Guardian Lodge. WBro Jay was the OB WM and the Lecturer on all his son’s First, Second, and Third Degree Conferrals. He was also the KS.

Act of Charity – Upon the approval of MW Hans J. Scheurer, Grand Master, Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of F. & A.M. of Nevada 2012, $1,229.00 was raised and donated to Queen of Peace Children’s Home, Naga City, Philippines.

Grand Representative – WBro Jay D. Orolfo was commissioned as Grand Representative to the Grand Lodge of the Philippines by MW Santiago T. Gabionza, Jr., Grand Master, Most Worshipful Grand Lodge F. & A.M. of the Philippines (2013). Certificate of Commission was presented by MW Richard M. Hoaglin, Grand Master, Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Nevada.

Bikes for Books Program – On 2011, jointly, with Churchill Lodge #26, launched this program targeting Elementary Students within the County. This program is an incentive for the students to read more books. The six students with the highest number of books read, as supervised and verified by their schools, will each be awarded a brand new 20” bike and safety accessories. WBro Paul Ortiz (Churchill Lodge) and WBro Gerry Ivey took the helm of this program.

Official Logo – On Aug 2013, Guardian Lodge #53 Official Logo was approved by the Grand Master, MW Richard M. Hoaglin. It was jointly designed by WBro Jay and Jiemmy Orolfo. Its artwork is composed/consist of the following elements: Outside rope border = fibers are bonded together, signifying unity within and among the brethren of Guardian Lodge; Anchor and Shield = Majority of the brethren (specially its founders) are US Military/Navy retired, Shielding our country from harm; Wings = Fallon is famous for its Naval Air Station; 3 Stars = in addition to the 3 great lights, 3 lesser lights, and 3 principal officers, they signifies the 3 founders of our WLodge (MWBro W. Ron Briggs, WBro James A. Wilson, and WBro Lloyd A. Brewer). And of course, in the middle is the masonic symbol.

Longest WM Tenure – WBro Tahimik “Mike Only” M. Ricarte recorded the longest tenure of Worshipful Master. He first sat on the East on 1999, then again on 2004 until 2013.

Honorary Members – During the reign of WM Denny Gocong, WBro Dennis Moore and WBro Dave Warren, both from Churchill Lodge #26, were voted upon as the first Honorary Members.