St. John #18 Outdoor Degree & GMOV

Grand Lodge of Nevada Events, Headline


St. John Lodge No. 18 in Pioche, Nevada invites you to attend the Grand Master’s Official Visit and outdoor Master Mason Degree to be held on Saturday, August 20, 2016.  Masons from around the state will assemble at the lodge building at 10:00 A. M.  We will then travel a few miles outside of Pioche to the Ely Valley Mine site for the annual outdoor degree.

In addition to the Grand Master’s Official Visit, we will confer the Master Mason Degree on a candidate from Vegas Lodge No. 32.  This year’s degree will be conferred by many of our Grand Lodge Officers.  Just look at this all-star line up:

First Section:  Mark Mancha as Worshipful Master, Mark Marsh as Senior Warden, Steve Robison as Junior Warden, Chuck Barone as Senior Deacon, Kevin McCans as Chaplain, Mike Clark as Senior Steward. Sam Naim as Junior Steward, Ron Pulse doing the Working Tools.

Section Section:  Mark Marsh as W. M./King Solomon, Chuck Barone as Senior Grand Warden, Jacob Lewis as S. D./First Fellowcraft, Steve Robison on First Base, Mike Clark on Second Base, David Bechtel on Third Base, Mike Hoaglin doing the Soliloquy, Terry Edis at sea and on the way, Eric Waugh as Second Fellowcraft, Richard Sidford as Third Fellowcraft, Kevin McCans praying, Phil Michaelson as Secretary, Mike Hoaglin doing the Lecture, Chuck Barone doing the Charge, David Bolshazy the Ballot Box, David Bechtel presenting the Bible.

What a great opportunity to see our Grand Lodge officers performing the ritual!

Lunch will be served at the mine site and our great chef M. W. James G. Kelley would like to have some idea of how much grub to prepare so please if you or a group from your lodge is planning to attend this annual fun fellowship please notify Mike Reinhardt P. M. at;

There will be a $5 charge for lunch, tickets available at sign in.

Those in the Las Vegas area that want to meet for breakfast before driving up to Pioche, we will again meet at the Cannery on Craig Road in the coffee shop at 6:30 A. M. and then motorcade up to Pioche.  Again, if you are coming to breakfast let Mike know in advance so he can give the coffee shop a heads up in advance.

This is a great day of masonic fellowship in the rough.  Dress is very casual but wear a brimmed hat to protect from the sun.  You are welcome to bring your own comfortable chair, a cooler if you like, but we will have a supply of cold water on hand.  David Bolshazy is providing a sound system again this year so you can hear everything.  There is a shaded area to sit in on the south side of the lodge set up.  If you have been before you know how much fun this is, if you have never been then don’t miss it this year and I know you will want to come back next year!

Worshipful Master Eric Waugh and the officers and members of St. John Lodge No. 18 look forward to welcoming you to this years GMOV and outdoor degree.

Mike Reinhardt P. M.