Carson 1 Poker Tournament

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Carson Lodge #1 held its annual Poker Tournament on Saturday, April 21st, 2018.  Six Southern Nevada Masons ventured to support Carson #1 and the Grand Master.  Those who attended drove the day of the Tournament, only to turn around and drive back Sunday.  The Southerners did exceptionally well at the Silent Auction and Raffle; including taking home gift cards to Tractor Supply Co. and a local Tack & Feed store (not the best prizes for the city-slickers).  Fun fact, more Southern Nevada Grand Lodge Officers attended the Northern event!

Above: Guests sit down to a catered dinner.

Above: Southerner, Bro. Richard Legon (58), photo bombs the Grand WebMason’s photo of dinner.

Above: W. David Bechtel (41), Grand Marshal, pushes V.R. Chuck Barone, Grand Chaplain, out of his way during one of his many trips to the Silent Auction table.

Above: Bro. Jake Lewis (41), Grand WebMason, and Bro. Richard Legon (58) show off their ‘rural’ raffle prizes.